All the winners of the 2016 ISPA Awards with ISPA-chairman Pietro Giarizzo 2e from left
ISPA & Innovation product of the year Award 2017 After a warm welcome from the president Pietro Giarrizzo on Paperworld in Frankfurt the winners of the annual ISPA Awards were announced. Here companies from all over the world could send in in five different categories their very latest products that than through a rigorous jury were judged, from all entries, The five best, latest and innovative products went home with a unique ISPA award. The categories Writing Instruments Collection of four scented pencils made of rare wood, together with a new kind of pencil shaprener. Company: Caran d’Ache, Switzerland. Social Stationery DAS Idea Mix is a air-hardening marbling modelling clay available in 6 colours, which can also be mixed among them, recreating the effect of many types of marble available in nature. Company: Fila, Italy. Office Solutions The Glue Stamp ecoLogo® is the latest addition to tesa's PBS-range, the pioneer of green office products. It allows users to glue even faster and easier. Besides its efficient use, the Glue Stamp also convinces with great adhesive power and sustainability. Company: Tesa, Germany. Digital Solutions Safescan’s intelligent new clocking in system TimeMoto combines the latest RFID proximity and fingerprint technology with comprehensive management software, making it easy for employees to clock in and out while giving you powerful tools to efficiently manage your workforce. Company: Safescan, Holland. Back to School New school backpack with thermos-compartment to keep food either warm or cold. Company: St-Majewski, Poland. Of course you can enter new products for the election which again will take place during Paperworld in Frankfurt…..