A Global, Unique and Independent Group

ISPA, the International Stationery Press Association, was founded in 1978 by three forward-thinking publishers from the USA, Japan and France. Already more then three decades ago, these professionals felt that their mission could only be possible with a knowledgeable and reliable view on all world markets and that is why they created ISPA: the club of world publishers specialised in the stationery and office products markets worldwide. Today the 15 members of this club report every month on every issue, the facts and moves of international players to guide, inform and better serve their readers. Buyers and suppliers of the stationery and office products industries rely whenever they need to on the unique information source that really is at the heart of each market. From Vancouver to Ushuaia, from Copenhagen to the Cape, from Hokkaido to Sidney, ISPA provides the industry with no fewer than 15 teams of specialists: publishers, editors-in-chief, journalists... who are collecting valuable information and reports on a daily basis from dealers, distributors and suppliers. What is even more valuable for the industry is that ISPA is 100% independent of any interest group and lobby that could interfere with its vision and judgements. No other information source can bring you this.